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have to let it go. liam and steffy are together. they're having a baby. they are a couple. you have to accept that. >> brooke: i just wonder if they would be a couple if steffy weren't pregnant. >> steffy: next week sounds great. yeah, we'll, uh, we'll meet at the condo. okay, charlotte? great. bye. >> steffy: it's official. i am listing the condo. >> liam: big move. >> steffy: maybe a few months ago, but not anymore. this is our home now, liam. our home. wow, what a day. i had my first ultrasound. i got to see our baby, hear his heartbeat. >> liam: his heartbeat? >> steffy: well, his or hers. whatever. >> liam: [ chuckles ] >> steffy: i'm just happy i was able to share it with you. something i was fantasizing for a while now. i just didn't want to -- i don't want to trap you. that's all. >> liam: have i given you the
&t. ♪ ♪ >> liam: i'm glad you're back. >> steffy: you mean it? >> liam: [ chuckles ] >> hope: [ sighs ] call me. >> eric: taylor. >> taylor: hi. >> eric: hi. is steffy back? >> taylor: yes, she is, and too bad -- you just missed her. >> eric: so, how does she look? is there a glow about her? >> taylor: yes, a glow, and, ugh, a maturity. oh, my gosh. this baby changes everything for steffy. >> liam: was the trip? >> steffy: it was good to see my dad. he needed my support. >> liam: was it about brooke? breakup? >> steffy: mm. years of falling in and out of love with a logan doesn't go away just like that. >> liam: think he'll ever come back? >> steffy: probably not any time soon.
that one out yet? >> hope: [ sighs ] >> steffy: tell oliver to put a rush on those proofs, and let mr. president know i'd like to see the “hope for the future” promos before they go out. >> you think rick's gonna try to squeeze you out? >> steffy: oh, he can certainly try. but it won't happen. hi, mom. >> taylor: hey! are you busy? >> steffy: no, i think we're done here, unless you have something else. >> nope. all good. >> taylor: so, uh, you're losing yourself in your work, i see. >> steffy: oh, what gave it away? >> taylor: oh, let's just say i'm familiar with the syndrome. >> steffy: one of the perks of a demanding job. >> taylor: mm-hmm. just don't go overboard. you know, you have a little one to consider. how are you feeling? >> steffy: oh, i feel great, actually. i just have a constant craving for food. >> taylor: yes.
: when? steffy's back from paris, and she's gonna be here any moment. i know you and hope have been spending time together and you've gotten a lot closer. let me ask you something. do you love my daughter any less than you did when you married her in italy? >> liam: no. >> brooke: okay. well, that should tell you something. you were robbed. you were lied to, both of you. but now that is in the past, and you can make a fresh start. you're not tied to steffy in any way. just let her go. >> taylor: i felt something. >> steffy: mom, come on. i've only been pregnant for a minute. >> taylor: how's your morning sickness? >> steffy: mm. comes and goes. >> taylor: you're telling liam tonight? >> steffy: that's the plan. so, uh, thomas vice president -- when did that
afternoon. >> hope: don't talk about my mother that way. >> steffy: [ grunts ] pushing me? are you serious? >> hope: i am proud of my family, and i am proud to be a logan. i'm sorry. do you need help? >> steffy: don't touch me. i'm just stating the facts. you logans are all alike. it's a bit presumptuous, don't you think? to assume you and liam will just pick up right where you left off months ago. >> hope: you're really not letting go. steffy, don't you see what's happening here? >> steffy: oh, i see, hope. all too clearly. you feel privileged. our jobs, our men, our company -- you feel entitled to all of it. why? because your name is "logan." >> eric: taylor, i told you before. i'm here for you. >> taylor: i know you are. you've already done so much. >> eric: the forrester family would not be who we are today if it weren't for you. >> t
and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. [ cellphone ringing ] [ beep ] >> steffy: hey. >> liam: hey. are you still at the office? >> steffy: no, i'm at my condo. are you coming to see me? >> liam: no, i'm -- i'm stuck at work. i just called to talk. bad idea? >> steffy: only one way to find out. >> liam: um... so, hope came to see me today. >> steffy: yeah. [ sighs ] that's a bad idea. >> liam: listen, i -- i don't want you to think that my feelings have changed or that we have to start avoiding each
're not being fair. i mean, steffy's reasons make sense. she didn't want her pregnancy to influence my decision. >> hope: until you were making one she didn't like. >> liam: okay, let's be honest. that whole insta-wedding that was set up outside -- that was not the result of any decision i made. >> hope: no, y-you're right. you're absolutely right about that. my mom just does these things. i was not happy about it either. until i started to think that it's what you wanted. was i wrong? >> liam: [ sighs ] >> taylor: i'm going out there. >> brooke: oh, no, you don't. >> steffy: mom, let him be. he needs to talk to hope first. >> taylor: honey, what could he possibly want to say that he hasn't said yet? >> steffy: i had to learn patience. why can't the two of you? >> brooke: it wasn't patience that brought you running here today to announce that you're pregnant with liam's child. >> steffy: no, it wasn't. it was to save him from the trap that you set. >> rick: hey, uh...specials. uh...soup -- the soup today is -- >> maya: you know, i'm not really hungry. >> rick: good, because nobody told me what
. >> have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado >> steffy: yeah, it's been a really tough time for dad. but i think he's gonna be okay. >> thomas: what about you? you don't seem like yourself. what's going on? >> steffy: that's a loaded question. >> thomas: did something happen while you were gone? >> steffy: yeah. and something happened when i got back. liam asked me to move out. [ knock on door ] >> taylor: hi. >> liam: hi. >> taylor: i'm here to pick up steffy's things. >> liam: yeah, come on in. uh, it's... i packed everything. it's mostly just clothes, so... >> taylor: you're making a big mistake. you have no idea. steffy is not going to continue to be treated like this. >> liam: look, i'm trying to do the right thing here, taylor. i have a lot to figure out, and i can't do it with steffy here. it's not fair to any of us. >> taylor: to hope, you mean. >> rick: i'm so happy for you. >> hope: mm. >> rick: i'm just glad that i didn
know this seems overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. >> steffy: i'm pregnant, and the father of my child just kicked me out of our home. >> taylor: but he doesn't know! if he did -- >> steffy: he would take me back in a heartbeat. he might even propose. >> taylor: isn't that what you want? >> steffy: i won't be an obligation. if liam wants me back, it's because he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, not because he's trying to do the right thing. >> bill: you really don't have any idea what you're doing, do you? >> liam: oh, just because it's not what you want, i don't know what i'm doing? >> bill: forget what i want. is this what you want -- sending steffy away? that feel good to you? does it? >> liam: [ chuckles ] >> bill: liam, i'm asking you. does this feel good to you? because if it doesn't and you want to fix it, it's not too late. >> liam: yeah, well, i need to be alone. >> bill: okay, well, you kick a woman like steffy out of your house, and that's exactly how you can end up. you don't show her the respect that she deserves -- >> liam: dad, i asked her to leave beca
is pregnant. >> thomas: [ sighs ] >> steffy: okay, um, we're in big trouble. your kitchen is totally bare. all you have are these. >> liam: oh! geez. >> steffy: and this. >> liam: hey! no, no, no, no. >> steffy: and this. hey, if we have a boy, you guys are going to be playing a lot of catch together. >> liam: girls play catch. >> steffy: you're telling me, the world's biggest tomboy. >> liam: yeah, well, you're not a tomboy anymore. >> steffy: what am i? >> liam: now you're a mother-to-be. a super sexy --
love her. now is your chance. >> steffy: this can't be happening. >> taylor: see? i told you brooke wouldn't let hope just sit and wait. >> steffy: let's just get there. please. >> taylor: [ sighs ] >> steffy: liam is not getting married today. ♪ >> ♪ tell me, tell me what makes you so hot? ♪ ♪ dancing all by myself even if they all stare ♪ ♪ tell me, tell me how do you dress up? ♪
by: caption colorado >> steffy: [ sighs ] hey. >> liam: how are you? >> steffy: i'm fine. i understand why you need space. >> liam: i appreciate that. >> steffy: you're lucky to have me. maybe you'll remember that when you're ready to decide who you want to be with. >> hope: okay. [ chuckles ] >> fontana: i believe that in english, we have a saying -- “if a person not succeeding then you must try, try again.” well, i believe that you are the excellent example of just how true that is. `cause today, from two, you're becoming one...forever. >> carter: man, all this cheating, man. i don't like playing with you. >> marcus: whoa, cheating? dude, where do you get... >> dayzee: well, look who's returned. who won? >> carter: we don't need to talk
trapped. >> steffy: a human life, our baby, is not a trap. and you're accusing me? what happened to giving liam space, letting him figure out what's best for himself? or were you just too afraid he might choose me? >> hope: no, that's not what i thought would happen. >> steffy: you can just stop with the excuses, please. i felt the same, hope, until liam made me feel secure. >> hope: we exchanged vows in italy. father fontana said that, in his eyes, we are still married. all my mom wanted was for us to remember and make it official. and we still can, liam. >> taylor: you should have stopped hope from going out there. >> brooke: she has every right to talk to liam and steffy about this pregnancy. it affects all of them. i'm proud of hope for standing up the way she did. i bet you didn't expect that. you just thought she would run away. >> taylor: no, no. not at all. why would she think it's wrong to interfere in somebody else's family? she learned everything she knows from her mother. >> caroline: i don't want to give you the wrong impression. i would love to come and volunteer here with yo
steffi, a part-time detective and full-time preacher. >> what an odd combination, then. >> i used to say it's the ultimate good guy. >> and right away, steffi knew there was a key piece of evidence that demanded a closer look. that condom wrapper found in nona's apartment. it held somebody's dna, but whose? steffi wondered if police cleared those male friends and neighbors of nona too quickly in the early days of the investigation. >> do they have a valid alibi because either i'm missing something or, you know, and so i -- i began to feel like some of those people maybe needed to have their dna compared. >> so kevin's legal team rolled up its sleeves and slacks and went diving through trash belonging to those young men and they got some dna samples, but none matched the dna on the condom wrapper. steffi, the policeman and preacher needed a lead. you could say he needed a miracle, and wouldn't you know he got it? it came in the most mundane way. two months after kevin's acquittal and more than a year after nona's death, steffi's police chief told him to question a suspect in a recent burg
. >> steffy: let's back up. there's only one choice you can make? is that right? >> liam: seems that way. >> steffy: no. i am willing and prepared to hear anything you want to tell me. except that. [ crickets chirping ] >> taylor: let me just tell you something about steffy. we talk about everything. there are no secrets between us. do you know that she walked in on hope and liam in her bedroom? and she didn't say anything. >> brooke: i'm sorry. that must have been very painful for her. >> taylor: it was. but she has faith in liam, and she understands that they're going to have a future together. >> brooke: [ chuckles ] that sounds like that could be painful for her, too. >> taylor: i've got to tell you brooke, she is not going to be the person who's going to be hurt. it's going to be hope because you keep giving her a false sense of security. >> brooke: why does it feel like you keep making this a contest between the two of us? >> taylor: force of habit. >> thomas: well, forrester hasn't filled the vice president seat in awhile. it could be a good opportunity to red [ seagulls crying ] >> hope: liam, what did she say? >> steffy: i'm pregnant. >> liam: [ gasps ] >> rick: it's what our clientele expects from forrester men's line -- attention to detail -- almost obsessively. i mean, notice -- notice the fold in the handkerchief, the contrasting colors, the monogram, the tasteful way that i've used the cuff links. >> eric: it's very nice. >> rick: nice? [ chuckles ] don't get all effusive on me dad. i might get a swelled head. this is what you had in mind. i-i handpicked all the accessories myself. >> eric: [ clicks tongue ] >> rick: that's good. thank you. you can leave. well, that was embarrassing. here i am going on and on about re-doing thomas' designs, and it looks like i've come up short, too. >> eric: no, not at all.
. >> steffy: liam... >> brooke: where's hope? >> liam: gone. >> brooke: what do you mean, "gone"? >> liam: i mean she left. >> brooke: you just let her go? >> liam: yeah, brooke, i did. >> taylor: liam, you made the right choice. you two have a lot of plans to make, so i'll let you do that. >> hope: [ sighs ] ♪
. that's what they deserve. thank you for being here. it means the world to me. >> steffy: you're asking me to give you time, and i'm willing to give it to you.
davenport, andy roddick and steffi graff. and the bryant brothers on sunday. >> if you want to see them, just visit us online at get the whole schedule of events. >> thank you. >> we hope to see you here in san jose. reporting from mobile weather, roberta gonzales for kpix 5. >>> coming up in our next half hour, the manhunt is over. now the stories of terror and tears. >> you about i really did not realize the scale of this and how many people are touched by his life. >> the final farewell to a former police officer allegely killed by christopher dorner and a carjacking victim talks about his ordeal. >> plus the first court appearance for the suspect accused of killing a fairfield teenager. tonight, hear from the man who found the girl's body. >> i'm don ford in the san francisco ferry building. the port has installed a new old sign. what's all the racket about? we'll have the story coming up. excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my gei
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)